outward beauty…


I’m often surprised by how we see ourselves-good or bad. I think my kids have a pretty good sense of their self esteem and generally like who they are turning into. The boy is typical boy–greasy and smelly and couldn’t care less. The doll on the other hand maintains a cleaning regimen to cover all of her bases. As I tell my kids almost daily, the outer picture you portray to the world really isn’t as important as your inward beauty…but being clean helps.

So it struck me funny the other day when the doll approached and asked me a simple question. “Mom, have you ever noticed how my horribly pale skin clashes with my hair?” “What?” I asked incredulously. “Its true! My skin color resembles that of a dead body.” “What? No it doesn’t.” I replied trying not to laugh. “Really, mom, I look dead!” “Doll, for the love of…you have a peachy complexion, just like your father. Your brother and I have a chinamen complexion.” “Chinamen? What’s that mean?” She wondered. “I have a yellowish complexion-and so does your brother–we burn and then our skin turns yellow”. I explained. “What does that have to do with a Chinamen?” She asked. “They used to call Chinamen yellowmen because of their complexion, but as I was saying…” I tried to get back to our original conversation. “Mom that’s a racist statement.” “Probably…”I resigned. “However, getting back to the original topic, your skin does not make you look dead. If it did you wouldn’t be as beautiful as you are today…and I’m not just saying that because you’re my daughter either.”

“Whatever mom….I think I look dead.” She reiterated.

“You look beautiful and lovely and your pale white skin does not resemble a dead person…otherwise it would grey and purplish. In addition, outward beauty is just what is displayed in the world…its your inward beauty that means the most. So stop fretting over this silly stuff”. I expressed. “Yes, easy for you to say–with your yellow skin….” she returned.

Then it was my turn to say, “Whatever!!”



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