the learning curve…


Cross your fingers the kids will have school for a full week without closure-this week. You know, I’m almost scared to write that sentence…thinking I might jinx the weather reports. But in all honesty, we need the kids to get back into a routine. This having  an extra day off due to snow or cold; in the middle of the week, is wrecking havoc on their grades.

The boy for example can’t seem to get back into the rhythm of studying for quizzes and tests and his grades have been reflective of that. Last week he called home from school to explain why he missed his ride home. Evidently his teacher prevented him from finishing a test in class, due to inappropriate behavior. Instead he was requested to come by after school to complete the assignment.  When I arrived to pick him up, the following conversation ensued. “What happened in religion?” I asked. “Well Esos was building a ladder toward heaven…” he began. “What? No, just tell me…” I replied. “I’m trying to…” He replied and then began again. “Esos was building a ladder toward heaven, which essentially was a stairway to heaven, which I mentally linked to the Led Zeppelin song (Stairway to Heaven) and accidentally chuckled out loud. Sr. B heard my giggle and her eyes bugged out of her head. Before I knew it she had grabbed my paper and told me to come back after school to finish the test.”

Trying not to laugh out loud myself I said, “Have you ever thought something was funny, yet kept it to yourself?” “Yes” he replied. “THIS-was one of those times…” I said and laughed. “Mom her eyes really bugged out too!” The boy added with a smirk. “You know bay, sometimes its better to keep your thoughts to yourself.” “Yes…so I have learned.” He replied

So, have we all learned…


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