growth takes time…


This morning on the way to school, the boy switched radio stations to land on his favorite drive to school station-NPR. I’m not sure whether he likes listening to the headlines of the day or rather uses this as an excuse to not listen to “my”music on the ride to school. Whichever the case may be, his like of this station has afforded us some good conversations in the past.  This morning our conversation began like this, “Boy you must show your math work on tests, so the teacher can see how you developed the answer” I said “I don’t need to show the work…its all up here” he said pointing to his head. “Well if that were the case you would have answered the question correctly–which you didn’t.” At this point he turned on the radio, no doubt in an effort to stop the lecture. “Well mom, I am just an animal” He retorted trying to sound funny and failing. “An animal of limited intelligence?” I replied. “On average, people are dumb mom” He explained. “You included?” I asked. “No…but everyone else is…” In the meantime, different voices and stories echoed in the background.

“Case in point!” the boy said, referring to a news blurb “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she has vetoed controversial legislation that would have allowed business owners in her state to refuse to serve gays and others if those customers somehow offended the proprietors’ religious beliefs.” “What is THAT about?” He asked. “In an attempt to protect business owners from being sued for refusing service to those of the LGBT community, they created a derisive law which offered to discriminate against the LGBT community under the guise of religious freedom. The problem is, they….” I was saying and watched as the boy turned up the volume on the radio; essentially drowning out my explanation. “Is this your way of saying you’ve heard enough?” I asked. “Yes.” He replied.”You’re the one who asked me….” I began. “True, but I gleaned enough off the radio and you to be satisfied..and besides everything you say sounds like a lecture. Can’t we just listen to the radio in peace mom?” Which we did the rest of the way to school.

Evidently I fall into the “dumb people” class-in my son’s opinion…which is about right for me-his parent.




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