an ode to 1978…


I know I’m dating myself here…but back in 1978, I was 14 years old and the only reason for getting out of bed on the weekends, was because I’d stayed in bed too long. Oh yes, those were the days when sleeping was like an Olympic sport…and I was one of the champions at that sport. Today, so many years later, sleeping in on the weekends requires all the forces in the universe to line up in a specific manner–which hardly ever happens any longer. So we had quite a surprise on Saturday when the boy, doll and I all had an opportunity to sleep in. I don’t think my children appreciate these few and far between days as much as I do…but boy did that extra hour of sleep help.

That’s right…one. extra. hour.


You know that ability that comes in handy on school mornings; you know the one that makes you wake up before the alarm goes off? Yes, that one…was in full on mode Saturday morning. So when that internal alarm went off I simply turned it off, climbed back into bed and willed myself back to sleep or rather, to toss and turn until I could no longer stand the thought of laying in bed wide awake.  Yes an hour later  was up and moving.  The kids on the other hand….earned their Olympic medals in sleeping in…and I couldn’t help but be proud-and a little envious as well.




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