at least they’re honest….


“Mom, I want you to know…” the boy shouted up the stairs to me. I was getting dressed for the day and he was impatiently waiting for me to take him to school. “What?” I replied. “I want you to know I am incredibly tempted to go on the computer and am fighting every nerve not to.” He said in a proud tone of voice. “Bay” I yelled down the steps, “You’re grounded from electronic devices. If you go onto the computer do you know what happens?” “What?” “Your length of grounding time extends. So in other words…you run the risk of being grounded for the entire semester…” “Oh” he replied, no longer all that proud of his will power”.


“You know what would be funny mom? If there was a video camera inside the car to capture our morning conversations on the way to school. You could see you ridiculous your arguments to me about school sound and I would look handsome.” the boy said. “Yes, you would look handsome and I’m sure the different facial expressions you make while we’re talking would be enlightening to me…but I think the video would be boring for anyone else” I said in return. “Yes mom you’re right…you hit the nail on the head….you are boring.”


“Hey you! Do you have a ride?” I said to the doll’s friend-whose name escaped me at that moment. She smiled and said “Yes” before the doll cut in and decided to give me  a hard time. “Hey you?” Jeeze mom, that’s not very nice…” Looking back at the two girls I tried my best to cover up my old aged addled mind and said, “Well how am I supposed to know what name she’s going by today? Don’t you girls have different names for each other–like the doll is Piper and you’re what, Sarah or Madison?” Both girls broke into laughter at my attempt to win them over. “Not Sarah that’s so and so…she’s Nico”  “Ah Nico…so you have a ride home?” I asked again. “Yes” she replied as she and the doll giggled out the door towards the cars.


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