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During the last week in May 2013, the boy and his dad attended a sports sign up seminar at his (then future) high school. The school has a deal that if you compete in two years of athletics, you can avoid taking physical education at the school. The boy has never been athletically inclined, though he dabbled in baseball and cross country while in elementary school; was there to take a look at the possibility of joining the crew team and or throwing shot put for Track (like his dad) team. When the school year began, he missed his opportunity to join the crew team, but made a point of signing up for Track.

“Momma, I have some paperwork I need you to fill out…” The boy said as he handed me a stack last Friday. Thankfully due to some quick witted thinking on my part (still can’t believe I was so smart last year), I took the necessary paperwork with me to his annual check up so his doctor could sign off on his physical. In addition, since he had brought home all the necessary documents last spring, they were already filled them out and ready to go. “I would like to have that brain back” I said to my husband, still surprised at how efficient I was. Monday was his first day of practice.

“How was practice?” I asked. “Well first he had us run sprints, then throw a medicine ball around….and then we did some stretching exercises and finished up in the weight room” He explained. “But did you have fun?” I asked. Looking at me he smiled and said, “Yes, it was fun–hard but fun”. I smiled back and said “Good to hear…” and then dropped the conversation. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he said, “I now have a personal trainer…” “Oh yeah?” I said with a laugh. “Yes. Apparently another student has taken it upon himself to make sure I lift correctly. He said to me  ‘Ugh, you’ve never touched a bar in your life, huh'”. “Did you agree with him…?” I asked. “I didn’t have to…I was pretty clueless in the weight room”.

Cool! I thought; another chance for him to make a friend and get into better shape in the process. Win/win for sure.


Last night while the family watched Face Off on the Scyfy network, I went onto and watched Monday night’s The Following episode on the laptop. The boy peering over my shoulder during a commercial break said, “The Following eh? Sounds like the show should be  about  a Twitter or Facebook cult if you ask me.”

LOL-I couldn’t help but agree.


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