the music we make….


Remember the old time radio dials?  Do you remember trying to tune in stations and hearing all kinds of static, white and background noise as the tuner searched for a strong signal to broadcast to your ears? This is the simplest correlation I can find to explain what goes on in my house every day. We are all moving to our own rhythm; sometimes in sync and the music is beautiful. Other times the white noise sets off an imbalance and regardless what’s happening, we are unable to find a clear channel to “hear” one another.

*My mind is littered with useless information, It keeps me walking down an endless mile, And I’ll go chasing down the first distraction, I look for something new but all the while, you and me we got something magic, you and me we got something real* (Magic-Leagues)

Ever since the doll received her Ipod, I’ve become more in-tune to the music she appreciates and I can tell you, I’m more than a bit proud she has a rock and roll heart. While there is still some dance and hip hop mixed in, this only goes to show how interesting she is. “Mom, I don’t know where this song came from, it just showed up on my Ipod the other day…” the doll said. We were listening Jules Larson’s Running Wild; from my amazon cloud music file, which contains every song (7326) I’ve ever purchased or downloaded. “Doll I put those songs in the Itunes file-I just didn’t realize I put them onto your file and not mine”. I said and then asked, “Do you like them?” She shrugged her shoulders and said “Eh, they’re okay” and then began twirling in a circle to the music.

*One day we’re going to look back at this and laugh baby, One day we’re going to say we grew up to fast, baby It’s alright, its okay, if I’ve been acting crazy I just thought you should know, only you amaze me baby‘Cause I am running I am running, I am running wild over you* (Jules Larson-Running Wild)

The boy prefers to listen to NPR talk radio on the morning drive to school, which makes it difficult for me to find where his music loyalties lie. In the past he’s worn a country boy hat yet recently he’s been delving into the 70-80’s era rock music, which also brings a smile to my face. The other day while in the car, the first strands of “Stairway to Heaven” began and I said, “Hey boy, listen it’s Jacob’s ladder…” trying to recall his religion test trouble a few weeks back. He smirked while the doll wondered what the joke was about. But if he enjoyed the song is anyone’s guess.

*And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune, Then the piper will lead us to reason. And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, And the forests will echo with laughter…*(Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven)

Then there is the hubby who came down to show me a new band he’d found The Strypes, playing via his Nook. “I can’t believe I like a boy band…but they are great!” He explained. “I’ve listened to a few of their songs and I’m really impressed…” The doll and I both rolled our eyes and feigned interest until later, when I could listen to them myself-alone-and agree with him. He’s right…they are young and talented…which is a nice break from his usual Cake sounding bands.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that our every day interactions with one another has its own musical soundtrack accompaniment–some of the music we move and flow with ease, while others we just hope to ride out-until the next song begins. Thankfully the world is filled with so many eclectic sounds and melodies, finding a good rhythm really isn’t that difficult-if we try.

*Rain turns the sand into mud, Wind turns the trees into bone, Stars turning high up above, You turn me into somebody loved* (Weepies-Somebody Loved)




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