in search of a thought…


Yesterday while  at Mary Alice’s I made a bone headed move. I opened up her cupboard and attempted to put the pitcher of lemonade on the shelf–before I realized I really wanted to put the lemonade pitcher back into the refrigerator. “Whoops, wrong one” I said kind of chiding myself for the foible. Mary Alice looked over at me, giggle and said, “Don’t worry about it, I do that all the time…” Which for some reason didn’t leave me feeling all that reassured.


This morning when the doll emerged from her bedroom she said, “I had the worst nightmare ever…” The boy who was gathering his stuff for school asked, “Was I in it?” “No” she replied annoyed he had even asked. “Well then the nightmare couldn’t have been that bad…” He offered. “Well, you’d be a close second…” she replied. “Mom it had spiders in it…giant ones and I was in the middle of them and they were about to attack me when…blehhhh” she uttered as she raised her hands to her face and then shook her head back and forth in disgust. “Doll I don’t get why you are so afraid of spiders…I mean they’re good; they eat other bugs…” I offered. “I know they’re good..but they’re also gross and have too many legs and….I’d rather not think of them any longer” the doll finished. “What about Charlotte’s web?” I asked. “Charlotte was a good spider…” she replied. “How do you know all spider’s aren’t as good as Charlotte? I asked. “MOM I know what you’re trying to do…but it won’t work. I don’t like any spiders at all. Not big, small or those hairy ones they show on TV”. She announced. “The hairy ones are called tarantulas…and their not spiders…” I added. “I don’t care what they are, I don’t want to be in the same room with them or any other 8 legged creature. They’re just gross!” “Remind me to warn you the next time a tarantula gets loose in the house” I uttered . “You won’t have to, I’ll be the one standing on the table screaming Mom” she replied.


“Mom when I’m older please don’t let me forget what I’m telling you right now so I’ll remember to do it…” the boy said in the car this morning. “What?” I replied. “You know about the Appalachian Trail?” He reminded me. “Oh you mean your want to hike the trail after you graduate from high school?” I asked. The day before, ironically on our ride home from track practice the boy let it slip about his desire to hike the trail; the summer before college. “Okay, but don’t expect to walk the entire length in one try…” I said. “Mom it takes about 5 months of consistent walking to hike the entire trail. I won’t have that much free time.” He said, but then added “But when I’m buff and in better shape I’ll bet I’ll fair pretty well” He explained. “If you’re going to be “buff” dude, that means you need to continue working out and lifting weights long after Track is complete–like 5-7 days a week…” I said, not as a warning but more as a challenge for him. “Hmm well at least with Track this year, I’ll have a head start…” He added.

“True” I said with all the hope in the world that when I remind him of his dream to walk the Appalachian trail he’ll say “Yes I know  and I’ve been working hard at making that a reality…’

Instead of  ‘Well that was a dumb idea…’ later.


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