optional conversation…


“Tell me what’s going on in your world…” she said to me. “Well…nothing much really….” I replied, not sure if what happened in my mundane life would be of any interest to her. I was seated on a rather uncomfortable folding chair inside a small hospital room visiting one of my clients, Mrs. K; who was recovering from emergency surgery. Curious I asked her, “So what happened?” She looked pointedly at me and said, “Evidently I got sick and wound up in the hospital.” Not very forthcoming with her answer, I pressed further and received a similar answer in return. In other words, the reason she was there wasn’t as important as seeing someone familiar. Warding off an awkward moment I gave in and said, “Well the parish has two fish fry’s under their belt”  “Oh yes, I never attended the fish fry’s by myself…” she said. “I remember seeing you last year with some of your friends…” I offered.”Yes, I did get invited to a few. I had hopes of taking my daughter to the first one….” she began before trailing off.

Smiling at her I said “Well it’s a good thing she was home to help take care of you…” Mrs. K smiled at the memory and said, “Yes I suppose that was very serendipitous”. In the middle of February, Mrs K’s daughter flew in to spend a few weeks with her mom. On the day she was supposed to fly home, the area received 8-10 inches of snow-canceling her flight. She rescheduled her flight for two days later and was with her when she took ill. “I see from all your cards your family came into town…?” I asked. “Yes, my sons and a few grand and great grandchildren came into check on me and cheer me up” she replied. “My great grandson Christopher even played a game of scrabble with me…” she informed. “Oh, that’s wonderful. You know, since we haven’t played…” I said motioning back and forth between us,  “my game play on Words with Friends has suffered mightily. I need to get back into practice with you…” I added and we laughed.

All in all we talked for over an hour and a half; me talking about the boy and the doll and all they were up to and she listened intently, adding a few of her own memories to the mix. We enjoyed one another’s company, until the time came for me to go.”Do you think you’ll still be here on Friday?” I asked. “Most likely. Relearning to walk and lift my feet the right way and pick up a ball and squeeze it is quite fascinating-and not as boring as I thought it would be. In addition, I get to see other people and how they are coming along in their own recovery.” She said. “But I bet you’ll be happy when the time comes to go home…” I added. “I miss my house and my routine” she admitted. Well how about I stop back on Friday. I’m sure by then my kids will have done something worth talking about…” I said adding a smile. “Well of course they will…that’s what kids are for…” She said giggling in return. 

Before I left, I read to her a few “Daily Thoughts” which were posted on our parish website. One in particular brought unintended laughter…“The Man who can hold his tongue has enormous inner strength. It is a tell tale sign of virtue. It is likely that he who cannot control his tongue has lost control in other ares of his life as well…”  Purposely reading the well meaning thought wrong I said, “So…this explains how crazy my life as become….” And she laughed adding, “Well I for one am glad…” Smiling back at her I replied, “Heh, me too”. Then bid her farewell until Friday.


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