The other day, when Mary Alice and I were on our way home following a late lunch at  Panera’s I called home hoping to reach my husband but the doll answered the phone. My car is enabled with Bluetooth technology, so all telephone calls are routed through my car’s stereo-speakers. So as Mary Alice sat by giggling at what she heard, the doll and I had what should have been a simple phone call conversation-except she had me laughing by her total disinterest in the call.

Doll: Hi Mom!

Me: Hi Doll, how are you?”

Doll: Eh.

Me: Just eh? Okay how was school then?

Doll: Eh

Me: Wow you’re talkative today…couldn’t you just say, “fine” or “good” instead of “Eh”?  I mean their both monosyllabic words, so it wouldn’t take more than a second to say, and they sound better than “Eh”. In fact they actually make you sound interested in talking to me…

Me: Hello…? You still there?

[Long pause between the two of us]

Doll: I’m currently glaring at you through the phone.

Me: Oh, (beginning to laugh), well good, glaring. I wondered what the pregnant pause was…

Doll: Pregnant?

Me: Just go with it doll…so is your dad around. I mean as fun as this conversation has been, I actually called to talk to him

Doll: He’s asleep on the floor

Me: Ah… do you think he’s doing?

Doll: Eh

Me: Of course…kind of walked right into that one didn’t I?

Another pause…

Me: Doll…you still there?

Doll: What?”

Me: Could you tell your dad to call me when he wakes up?”

Doll: K

Me: Anything else?

Doll: Like?

Me: Goodbye mom, love you…?

Doll: Eh..

Me: Good-Fine-see two better words…than “Eh”

Doll: That doesn’t make sense.

Me: They do to me doll…they do to me. Plus as a bonus I got you to say more than just “eh”…  Okay…get your homework done…love ya..

Doll: click


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