like the weather…not particularly



The votes have been cast and our fair area of the country has won a most dubious honor. While it’s nice to see our city mentioned for something other than race riots or child/sex trafficking, I’m sure if you asked most folk around here, we would rather have not won this distinction too. What award is that you ask? The Weather Channel has crowned our city as having had the worst winter, period.

As you may well imagine, we’re pretty amazed to have won. I remember back in early January when we had -45 wind chills wondering what that temperature might feel like–but never bundling up to find out. However, as the winter wore on, I did get the chance to experience those temps whether I wanted to or not.  Another lesson learned was that cold temperatures have a way of seeping into the house; wearing one sweat shirt wasn’t enough to stay warm. Layers were the name of the game. I also remember lamenting about an 80 degree temperature shift upwards one day which still resulted in cold temperatures. “How was this possible?” I thought.  If the temperature is going to raise by 80 degrees it should result in warm temperatures, right?  Well not this past winter.

I guess having been named as having the worst winter does entitle us to some bragging rights-or as I like to call them, “Complaining Rights”. Yes, all you living in Chicago or Minneapolis or even Buffalo…sorry about all our snow…but our cold days and additional snowfall gives us the edge. Na na na boo boo!  Frankly I think this distinction puts another feather in the cap for “reasons to live somewhere else” more than anything….and if this weather pattern continues much longer…it won’t surprise me to see the mass exodus…to sunny, warmer climates-at least for a week sometime in the near future.


Never too far from the topic at hand: When the heck is Spring going to get here?

The doll approached me last night carrying a bottle of water. “Mom, what’s this about? Who do they think they’re kidding?” She said holding the bottle out to me and pointing at the label. Looking up at her I smiled and then said, “That is really lame doll”. Laughing she said, “Oh I know, I just noticed it said “Spring” on the label which struck me funny and I said to myself  “Oh yeah? Can’t prove that around here…” As evidenced by the hail currently falling from our skies, I’m inclined to agree with her…

Oy vey.




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