“TGIF!!” I said to the doll as she grabbed her lunch box on her way to the front door. “Why are these days going by so fast?” She asked me this morning. Smiling back at her I replied, “Because that’s how life goes…” Giving me a look like that was the lamest answer ever she replied, “Well I don’t like it at all!!” Think about where I’m sitting…” I said and smiled.  “It’s dumb if you ask me” she replied and then left for school.


Last night when I finally arrived home for good, the second half of the Dayton v Stanford game was about to begin. I walked into my house, sweat dripping having just finished my nightly worked out and starving. Looking into the kitchen, I found the boy, eating a snack and drinking a glass of milk. “Hi Momma, how was your workout?” He asked. I smiled and replied “good” as I crossed the kitchen to find the left overs from dinner. Entering my living room I glanced over to the love seat, where the doll sat, furiously trying to get to the end of her recent book conquest. I found a vacant seat, sat down and began watching the basketball game. A short time later, my husband approached and we shared a nice hug before he announced he was going to bed.

I had been home about ten minutes.


This past week I’ve found myself preoccupied by the song “Time” from the newly released “My Mother has 4 Noses”; a companion CD to the off Broadway play (with music) with the same name. The artist, Jonatha Brooke, is a long time favorite singer of mine. She created this play as a tribute to her mother who passed away last year, after a long bout with Alzheimer’s and frankly, to help her deal with her own grief. Her show has been in production for about three weeks now and she’s posted a few production clips from the play’s musical segments on her Facebook page; in support of the album and show.

During my first viewing of the “Time” video I was amassed with goose bumps…and floored by how eloquently she captures how no one is ever ready for the end of life to come-especially with love as fierce as those shared between a mother and child. On subsequent views, the goosebumps remained, followed by tears, and the need to hear the song over and over…as if somehow her words are conjuring up old feelings that never really were put to rest…if that is ever possible. I totally recommend if you plan to watch the video, you do so with tissue handy


When the time came for the doll to go to bed, as is her nightly ritual, she came over to where I was seated, leaned down and kissed the crown of my head, before announcing she was going to bed. As she began to close her bedroom door behind her I yelled toward her, “Hey aren’t ya going to say goodnight to your old mom?” Opening her door she came into the hallway and said, “Really? Really? Like you didn’t notice that I already said goodnight a minute ago?” “Nope, come here” I said, feigning innocence. Leaning her head down to once again kiss the crown of my head, I reached my arms up, totally capturing her head in my hands and giving her a kiss on the forehead instead. In doing so, she had no choice but to wrap her dangling arms around my head and we hugged-awkwardly and began to laugh. “Goodnight doll, love you!” I said. “You too mom” she replied as we untangled ourselves and off to bed she went.

A short time later, after having given the boy an equally good hug and kiss I returned my attention to the basketball tournament (Go Dayton!!). As the game drew to a close, I realized why the song has been so haunting for me (besides the obvious)…

There will never seem be enough “time” for all the things I hope to do, become, watch, experience, love, live… Then again, let’s not even discuss the amount of time I’ve wasted playing games on the internet.

Time to stop being so serious and finish this darn blog. Time.


For information about Jonatha Brooke’s play, My Mother Has 4 Noses, please check out her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/jonathabrooke?fref=ts and her video “Time”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atvqubwXnrY Be warned and have tissues handy.




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