The doll told me yesterday she reads when she is bored….and from the fact she finished reading all 7 books in the Harry Potter series in one week time tells me she believes her life is really boring. “Isn’t that great!” I thought to myself. Meanwhile, the boy has begun reading the Game of Thrones series and confessed he has skimmed past a few sections which made him uncomfortable. “Too bloody for you?” I asked-having never read the books or watched the television show. My husband laughed and asked “Too many sex scenes?’ The boy concurred “Yea when I happen upon the sex scenes, I just skim ahead until I find the dialogue has changed”.  “Does it detract from the book?” I asked, curious. “Mom, that’s just something I’m  not into reading right now” He admitted. “Fair enough!” I replied. Fair enough.


Yesterday while sitting in a church awaiting the start of a funeral service, two gentlemen seated a few pews behind me were carrying on a conversation, loud enough for me to hear:

Man 1: I have my wife over at Resurrection 

Man 2: My wife is over there too.

Man 1: Yes we are in the newer section-they just opened up a few years ago.

Man 2: We decided to go with the Condo for two reasons. First of all, our kids can come and visit in the summer-its air conditioned and second because side to sides cost an additional $500 bucks! I don’t understand the cost difference, I mean shoot, we’re all going to end up there anyway.

I looked over at Mary Alice, who was seated next to me and she smiled; completely unaware of the men’s conversation or how I was struck funny by their descriptions of the cemetery and mausoleum (condo), which made up their wives final resting place. But what struck me most of all was how Man 2 sounded an awful lot like my own father when he described their decision for using the mausoleum–evidently air conditioning is the big sway.


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