shut up shutting up!


We have reached the age where “SHUT UP” is the most often set of words used in the house….most often coming from the lips of the doll directed toward her brother-and it’s getting old. “Bay, is your need for attention so strong that you must constantly poke your sister with a stick-proverbially speaking? “What? All I’m doing is calling her ‘baby”” “SHUT UP!!” The doll then yells, right on cue; while he smirks at her retort.  Meanwhile, Dad and I are considering buying stock in ear plugs or moving one of our annoying children out to live with someone else-though I’m fairly certain, no one will take them (together).

“Mom I always ask him politely the first time to stop being so annoying before I yell “SHUT UP”…when he doesn’t do as I ask.” The doll explained this morning. “Doll, give me a break….first of all, the moment you ask him to be quiet it’s like asking a bomb not to go off. You’ve just given him vital information…” I began. She turned her head and scrunched her nose as she asked, “How?” “You just announced he was annoying you…which he likes to do–dummy, so he continues to antagonize you. Next time just ignore him” I tried to explain. “I’ve tried!! Mom there is no ignoring that giant red ape in the room!!” “There is, unless you of course you actually like this kind of interaction with him.” Insulted she stuck her tongue out at me and walked away.

“Bay, do your poor old mom a favor….SHUT UP!!” I heard myself yell. Though I wasn’t alone. This past week, the boy had powered up his annoyances to a new all time high. “Bay there is only so many times you can poke a bear before said bear strikes back…and if you’re not careful, MamaBear is going to attack you strike back!! Knock it off!!” I explained.  Between the near constant bickering with his sister and his inability to follow a task given, without complaining or offering a differing opinion on how something should be done or handled; began wearing on my nerves. “Bay, I love you but if you don’t knock this crap off you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt…” I said to him. He responded, “Okay mama”, which gave me a ten minute respite before he reverted back to form.

“I LOVE YOUUUUU” or “GIVE ME A HUG….” or ‘MOMMMEEEE I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU” are the phrases the boy employs to try and diffuse any anger when he’s gone over the top. The problem is when he’s arrived at this point, he comes across as insincere and trite. The moment he enters the room, arms outstretched the doll responds, “No boy, stay away!!” or “BACK OFF!!” followed by “MOM HE’S ANNOYING ME AGAIN!!”. The boy meanwhile will hold his stance and say sweetly, “Wha? I only wanted to tell her I loved her and give her a hug”–all the while sporting a congratulatory smirk on his face for poking her into a response.

After putting up with their bickering antics all weekend, my course of action became clear….

I put on a pair of headphones and tried to ignore them both!! The problem with my solution is that my Ipod batteries do not last indefinitely–unlike my children’s bickering.


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