camping doll…


Last December for a nice ten day period, my house was quiet save for the din of the TV’s semi- permanent home on Animal Planet, as my son and husband watched endless marathons of River Monsters and Finding Bigfoot.  At that time, the doll was on a grand adventure with her cousins; a trip to Florida. I was holed up in the kitchen, playing on the new laptop and tried to enjoy the quiet-even though I was desperately missing my doll.

Monday, my doll left for Sixth grade camp. She was a bundle of anxious energy as she jumped out of bed in anticipation for what she was about to experience–four full days, away from home, surrounded by classmates-some of which were boys. In the morning before she left, much like the night before, in between checking and double checking; packing an repacking her duffle bag-every ten to fifteen minutes or so, the doll walked over and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek and tell me “I love you Mom”. One of her hugs even contained the tiny “pats”, she use to give me when she was small. For a brief moment I thought to myself, “These hugs are really nice…perhaps the doll needs to go away more often..(No!).  “Are you trying to commit these hugs to memory?” I asked. “Mom, I don’t want you to be too sad while I’m at camp” she informed and then leaned in and gave me another hug.  “And who am I to argue with her logic?” I thought to myself and smiled and hugged her in return (as many times as she needed me to).

20140408-133202.jpgWhen I arrived home from work yesterday, I found a clever note the doll had left (pointedly at her brother) us which made me laugh…especially her last line which reads, “PS.  Miss you <3”

From where I’m standing….the feeling is mutual…







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