a smackable offense…


“I can’t believe how big they are both getting…” I said to my husband the other night. We were both lamenting at how big the boy has grown-almost surpassing his father in height. “Did you take a look at his ankles? Those aren’t mine or yours..they’re bigger and thicker than either one of ours” My hubby added. “Perhaps he’s a cross between your brother E and my brother Tim” I offered. “He’s something that’s for sure…” hubby added. “Even the doll is getting bigger-slimming out-she even looks older..” I said; a note of melancholy in my tone. We walked in silence a while longer before I said, “Where the heck did this time go and how did it go by so darn fast?”


Hubby laughed for a moment and then said to me,  “See what turning 50 does to you…?” Which was met by an appropriate slap from me as I retorted, “Speak for yourself…I’m not 50………..yet”.

“Yet” he replied with a smirk.





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