smiling from IMs…


There was a time in the not so distant past that when the doll had “private” questions, she would wait until we were alone in the car to ask me. Those days are in my past…and I miss them. Nowadays when she asks-if she asks, she simply approaches. Why is this so bad? Because now she can read my face and see when I’m fumbling…instead of sounding like the true “Know-it-all” mom. In addition, many of  our “so-called” conversations aren’t even taking place in person anymore, rather over our Ipod instant messaging system which, while functional at getting direct questions answered doesn’t leave me with much satisfaction. But as the mother of a tween-almost teen aged girl…I guess I’ll have to take what I can get.

And…..what I’ve been getting  is…insight into my doll’s personality, humor and creativity–without her sullen self realizing she’s letting me see too! I mean, I’ve always known she had a dry sense of humor…only now I have digitized copies to prove it…20140417-105712.jpg





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