different realizations…


Insights: the boy likes to greet everyone he meets with “Good Morning” regardless of the time of day or night. His reasons have changed over the years as to why he uses this particular greeting, but his most recent conclusion is “more people enjoy receiving a morning salutation than any other”. “Okay but why not just say ‘good day?’ See short, sweet and to the point” I offered. “Because just saying ‘day’ is boring and makes people think you don’t mean the salutation.” Hmmm
I love my work…helping families care for their parents, but the last few weeks have been difficult on two of the ladies with whom I spend my days. One recently had emergency surgery and has spent the last month in the hospital and rehab, while the other came down with pneumonia and was hospitalized as well. Two weeks ago, I brought Mrs K. home from rehab; for evaluation as to whether she could successfully master her home without additional assistance. When we entered her house she was high; happy to be home as she offered scenarios to the Physical Therapist about how she could get along. Ten minutes later all her excitement disappeared at her realization that she wasn’t physically ready to come home permanently. “As much as I want to, I am not ready” she said exhausted by the visit. Her simple admission was heartbreaking to witness as the light of hope dimmed in her eyes.

Yesterday was so beautiful that Mary Alice and I decided to take a walk. “Maybe the walk will help my eyes” she said as we prepared to leave. “Eyes? What’s wrong with your eyes?” I asked. Looking at me she said, “You know, it’s just dumb…I look at things and I can’t think of what it is…just dumb. Maybe the sunshine will help my eyes.” I smiled at her and said “Well it certainly can’t hurt” and we exited the house. I was struck with how the realization of her plight was there-even though she struggled to understand why–which for the life of me I don’t understand either.


On a good note, Mrs. K came home on Wednesday-her daughter flew home from San Francisco and has taken up residence until there is no question as to whether she can remain at home by herself.




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