third world problems…


While Mary Alice and I were out for a walk the other day, a gaggle of girls came riding by slowly; on their bicycles. As they approached I couldn’t help but laugh at the conversation the four girls were having…”

Girl #1: Yeah our dishwasher is broken so I had to wash all the dishes by hand…

Girl#2: I hate it when that happens…

Girl#3: At least you had a dishwasher….

Girl#4: boy what third world problems you have…

As the girls rode out of ear shot, Mary Alice giggled and then said, “What are they talking about?” Smiling back at her I replied, “Oh you know, the kind of stuff that only seems important to thirteen year old girls…” Smiling back at me she said “Yes those are what? Third world problems..? Then she began giggling again.


Last night, as the doll and I walked home from her girl scout meeting, she shared with me some of what the girls had talked about during the meeting…”Mom, we talked about different scenarios, and what you would do if they happened to you…” She began. “Scenarios…?” I questioned.  “Yes, like  what would you do if your parents were away for the evening and told you before leaving that you couldn’t have any friends over, but some came over anyway…what would you do?” She explained.  “Oh I see…” I said as we continued to walk. “So, what did you say you would do…?” “Well I gave a pretty lame answer…I said I wouldn’t open the door..” I thought that was a brilliant answer myself, I might add, however the doll then went on to explain the different answers her scout mates came up with…which to her sounded very funny. “…Sarah said she would barricade the doors and windows and pretend she wasn’t home either…” She said with a laugh. “Mom, we all were laughing at one another’s crazy answers…it was hilarious.” As we approached our house I couldn’t help but smile at the doll’s willingness to keep me informed…even if these scenarios to her seemed more laugh worthy than they should have been.



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