Q. How to shake the Monday blues?

Before my children were born, on the first Monday of every month, my sisters and I would get together for dinner and drinks and catch up with one another. While we all lived in the same town, children and work pressures kept us from seeing one another on a regular basis.  At this time, Terri, Carol and Ann Marie were finished having babies and I was still trying to figure out how.  Hanging out with my older sisters once a month was a great way to release built up pressures from work and home-a safe place to talk things through and laugh-which we did. Our monthly dinners came to an end shortly after the boy entered the world. I was a new mom, nervous to leave him with anyone; coupled with the growing demands on the other girls’ schedules,  the windows of open time vanished….for the next fifteen years.

Sometime last year, my eldest sister Terri called said, “Don’t you think our sister dinners have been set aside long enough? Let’s get together on this date at this restaurant and get these going again.” So without question, we all showed up-happy, ready to resume our monthly exchanges, but most of all, ready to laugh-which we do. If someone were to happen upon us at the restaurant for one of our dinners, then run into us again a month later, the seating chart would be the same. Terri and Carol-who represent the top of our family; sit together on one side of the booth while Ann Marie and I-who represent the bottom half sit opposite of them. The running joke being, Ann and I are sisters, Carol and Terri are sisters together who happen to be in a large family of boys. What separates us is evident in age, but nothing more.

So last night we were out to dinner-at a restaurant we had never been to and had a great time-laughing and catching up. My sister Terri and I talked for over an hour by telephone Saturday, yet she remained as invested in my conversation with the other two, regardless that much of the information was the same. Collectively we talked of grand babies and the upcoming weddings;  kids away at college, the boy’s birding date and the doll’s mood swings. We talked of our mother-who is always with us and our father who turns 93 next month. And throughout the evening, an undercurrent of love an respect for one another could be felt…

But most of all we….

A. laugh.

Beautiful Sisters...

Beautiful Sisters…



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