the name game….


My sister Ann Marie informed me the other day that I accidentally mis-write “The Boy” on occasion, by placing an “A” in place of the letter “O”. “You haven’t been reading the blog long enough…” I replied. Giving me a curious look I explained, “When the boy was little, he couldn’t pronounce the “OY” sound and instead would say “AY” so..Boy became Bay. He used to say, “I’m just a bay mom or “Look how good my cowbay coat looks…” when he wore his jean jacket. As such, his house nickname is bay.  If you notice, when I write “BAY” I’m usually talking to him…versus when I write “boy” I’m usually referencing him or he’s responding to me.” “Oh…do your other readers know that?” She asked which made me wonder… “Well I explained it a long time ago…but perhaps they do not.”  I replied.


As such, I’ve decided to clear the air and give everyone  shortcuts as to whom all the characters of the blog actually are:

The boy is also known as “bay” by me…where as by his sister she may be inclined to call him one of the following:  “dumb, stinky, annoying, shut up! and her favorite which is not a word at all but a statement of fact-in her opinion. “My life is so much better when he’s not here”.

Whereas the doll is known to me as “The doll or Lee as in DolLY; her father calls her by her first name while her brother refers to her as “Baby-which she hates; Meany or Teenager in the most derogatory tone possible-unlike his reference to himself as actually being the only teenager in the house and lastly by her first name.

The boy has also incurred names from his father such as Little Man and basset hound…please, no offense to dogs when referencing how bad the boy may smell at any given time.

Their father is known as Dad, Daddy and hub or hubby whereas I’m referred to as Momma-by the BAY and “Mom, Mommy or Guess What?-by my daughter… I’m not actually asking you to guess but rather telling you she’ll approach me and say, “Hey Guess What?” which leads to to wonder if that’s a new name for me too.


Don’t be…you could also refer to me the way the song  The Name Game does…which I’ve had a dichotomous nature with over the years.  On one hand I always thought it was cool to have my name used as a pop culture reference, but have always hated the song. But then I got lucky when Marcia Brady, of the Brady Bunch acclaim; came along-though the writers obviously misspelled her name on the show’s birth certificate. I mean really…nothing says Marsha quite like SH does. Marcia=MarCEEEA…yeah no.

So there you have it…still confused? I hope not. We’re a simple group here…Mom, Dad, the doll and the boy-they will suffice as well.



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