early warning system

early warning system

Death. The long goodbye of a trusted friend. A life extinguished; the memories held therein fading from view. Thankfully for me, the death of my old computer has been a slow process which is enabling me the chance to transfer picture, documents and music files and store on various flash drives-in hopes of retrieving them for later use; an embarrassment of riches if you will; for future graduations, weddings and anniversaries. I wouldn’t be much of a mom if I didn’t have some….embarrassments to share.

The old adage, “I can’t believe how much they have grown and changed over the years is true-though the doll still shoots me this same look all the time-only now, shrugs and eye rolls accompany said look. Yet there are days when I think back and long to hold that baby in my arms again. The one who always hugged with her arms hanging down in front, as if trying to snuggle really close all the while singing or humming a tune to me.

glimpse of the future

glimpse of the future?

We used to joke how we had no idea the boy’s bedroom door lock was broken, until the doll came along. He could be quietly playing in his bedroom alone-lost in his own little world of action heroes only to be disrupted when his sister, pushed open his bedroom door to see what possible fun he could having without her.  Oh how the times have changed. Now all the boy has to do today is knock on her bedroom door and she goes ballistic.

look at me...hugging a tree

look at me…hugging a tree


Back in the day, the boy was all about saving the environment for the animals of the world. Today so long as his sister isn’t included, he’d be happy. That is not to say he doesn’t like his sister…but rather, until she grows out of this “I hate you” phase…his life would be easier if she were living somewhere else….say in tree? Today, I can’t believe this same little guy who seemed to take all my time is finishing up his Freshman year of high school. What’s more, his track coach has been encouraging him to enter a runner’s training course this summer and then run cross country in the fall. What’s that you hear? The sound of shock coming from both his parents at his willingness to do so.

Thursday’s on social media sites are usually designated as a throwback day-A look back at how far you’ve come. Others designate Thursdays as a day to give thanks. Whether you celebrate one or the other, I dare say, looking back on these pictures, I’ve got plenty to be thankful for….even though between hormones and their overall apathy-are driving me completely nuts right now.

I wish there was a way to throwback to when the kids actually liked one another and were nicer to me overall… yes I know, wait about ten years and by then I’ll be crying about missing them when they were teenagers-though I doubt it!

A vicious cycle…?




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