prep work….(non date part 1)


My sister Ann Marie and I were out shopping for new clothes Friday, when the doll called to ask me an important question. “Mom can twin spend the night?” “Doll, we’re going birding in the morning-early…” I replied. “Can twin come with us?” Sigh-my worst nightmare come true, I thought to myself. “Doll, I don’t think the car is big enough for all of us…” I replied. “Yes it is mom and we’ll sit really close together..” she offered. “Doll, you know birding is different-you won’t be the center of attention and that you’ll have to be quiet while we’re there…” I explained. “I know mom, but at least having her there will make this funner for me…” the doll argued. In for a penny in for a pound I figured “What the hell” and agreed. “Really!?! “You’re the best mom in the whole wide world!!” She exclaimed through the phone. “Make sure Twin’s dad knows she’ll be going with us in the morning and DOLL…” I said loudly to get her attention. ‘Yes mom…?” “Don’t make me regret this decision…” I added. “I won’t-er we won’t!  Thank you mom!”

Sadly before I disconnected the call, I already had.


On Friday night, I handed the boy the phone and encouraged him to call his friend Annie, so she would have a general time frame of when to expect us in the morning, along with a general description of the kind of  clothes she should wear (bring a sweatshirt).  When he began the call, I walked out of the room, trying to give him some privacy. A few minutes later when I re-entered the room, I found him  hunched over with a goofy grin on his face. “Did you talk with her?” I asked. Turning toward me I noticed he was still holding the phone next to his ear, wearing a goofy grin;  shaking his head in agreement. “Oh, are they getting her to come to the phone?” I asked in a whisper and once again he smiled and shook his head yes.

“Helloo” he said into the receiver.”Uh um yes…my mom wanted to know what time to…” He began until I interrupted. “No! No…tell her we will be picking her up between 9 and 9:30-ish..” I quickly said. “Uh I mean, we’ll be picking you up around 9:30 am?” He quickly adjusted. His friend said something in return, which I surmised as “Why so early on a Saturday?” to which the boy responded, “That’s not early-at least for me…” Shaking my head I urged him “Also tell her to bring a sweater or sweatshirt…” “Oh yeah and my Mom wants to know if you have an extra sweater…” “What? I looked at him pointedly. “Uh I mean…” sigh..”That you should bring a sweater or sweatshirt with you-just in case…” He quickly amended. Again she responded and I surmised she said, “In case of what?” Because the boy stuttered and then said, “You can never me too equipped”. Looking at him, I covered my mouth and turned away, trying not to laugh as he concluded his call. As he removed the phone from his ear, he smirked at me and then said “Well I screwed that up!”  Smiling back at him I replied, “It’s not the first, won’t be the last…” as he exited the room red faced.




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