the conclusion….(non date part 5)


20140516-081622.jpg“I feel sorry for ‘A'” the doll quipped as we pulled away from her home. “Why?” I asked. “Because she had to sit next to me and twin…” the doll explained.


When we finally walked the entire boardwalk at the Marsh, the doll looked at me and said, “You know mom, they should change the spelling on the sign to read “bored walk” and then snickered at her pun. I smiled and said, “Well there is no accounting for taste doll-of which you have none.” which was greeted by a slap to my arm in return. We wandered back toward our car-all of us hungry and tired but reasonably happy. The boy and I overheard  a “Worm Eating Warbler” had been spotted behind the maintenance shed in the overflow parking area-close to where we parked; so the boy, ‘A’ and I walked over to take a look-while the doll and twin took my keys and made a bee line for the car. Unfortunately all we found were dozens of people emerging from the brush, not a bird in sight.

20140516-081701.jpgOn our way home, we stopped for lunch at a nice family friendly, sports bar and grill where the kids fell into relaxed conversation with one another, while I, seated across from both sets, tried to look uninterested, while being very interested in what they had to say. .. “How many siblings do you have?” I asked A when there was a lull in the conversation. “I have an older brother and sister”. She replied. “Did they go to the same high school?” I asked. My brother went to an all boy’s school and my sister went to the all girls school…” Smiling back at her I replied, “And you picked the one with boys” Giving me a sheepish like grin she replied, “Exactly”. “You know, I’m not sure if the boy told you or not, but I told him if I ever met the girl who gave him deodorant for Christmas that I would give her a big hug…” I paused when a look of terror crossed her face. But I won’t make you do that. I just want you to know how great that present was.” Once again donning a sheepish grin she turned to the boy and said, “You have no idea how difficult that purchase was too.” The boy immediately replied, “Oh I know..believe me. I have a sensitive nose so I had to smell every deodorant out there before I picked one that didn’t….” And their conversation spun off from there. Looking over at the doll and twin-who were engrossed in a game on the twins IPhone, I hurriedly snapped a few more pictures of the group until our lunch was served.


The doll and twin, having suffered for nearly two hours of  relative quiet, boredom while dying of starvation-at the same time, emerged from lunch as  hyper children locked in a cage. Almost immediately, upon leaving the restaurant, the girls began to mock fight–tickling, slapping and being a general nuisances to other back seat occupant– ‘A’. The boy tried his best to keep the mood in the car happy-trying to find music all would enjoy. At one point “We Will Rock You” the timeless classic rock song from Queen came on and everyone joined in singing, head banging and air guitar playing. Somewhere along the way “A” said from the back seat, “Thank you Mrs. M for allowing me to come with you and for lunch and all that…” I smiled and said “You’re welcome…any time…”

After ‘A’ was dropped off I asked the boy, “Do you think she had fun?” “Uh yeah…” he replied. “Would you be interested in hanging out with her again sometime in the future–outside of school?” Without hesitation he said “Yes” and I smiled giving myself an imaginary pat on the back. After all-this excursion was more about the boy having a friend, less about a “girlfriend”. He has plenty of time to explore that avenue when in college.

PS. Monday after school I asked the boy “Did ‘A’ say whether or not she had a good time?” “Yes…she said she did, however she found birding to be very strange and boring”. He replied.  “Oh I see. Tell me, when you two disappeared to walk the loop portion of the boardwalk, did you two talk?” I asked prying a bit. “Yes, yes we did…” He replied. “About…?” I pried some more. “Well it was my attempt at increasing her like of birding and not succeeding one bit” He said with a smile. Smiling back I said, “Oh sorry…” to which he replied, “No harm, no foul Momma, I still had fun and you know, that’s all that matters to me.

True…so very very true!





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