patience v wisdom…


“You may have struggles in your life…  You may face many challenges…. There may be times you may wish this wasn’t your life…” Our parish priest began, as he framed his sermon. “God understands and looks down upon your struggles favorably.  Anything you do for good, which takes struggle, God understands. Don’t be afraid to ask God for patience in times of struggling to do good. Whether if for instance, you’re having trouble conceiving a child or raising teenagers….” At that remark, I turned to my left and my doll gave me a knowing smile. The boy as usual was nonplussed; not even paying attention and wondering why I chose to look at him at that moment. Smiling briefly back to the doll, I returned  my attention to the priest as he continued on with his homily.

Following mass as I exited the church, I ran into the priest who wished me a happy Mother’s day. “You know, giving a sermon about patience is a scary proposition…” I began. He laughed and said, “Oh I know. Here I was giving a sermon on patience and the after mass speaker rambled on and on…effectively trying my patience…” He said with a laugh. “Well I have been told you never ever pray for patience….because then God will put more on your plate-effectively showing you how much patience you actually have.” I replied. Smiling back at me he said, “Ooh, that’s a good answer”. I laughed and said, “Next time tell us to pray for wisdom…in trying times”. Shaking his head in agreement he replied, “I’ll remember that…” and we parted company.


“Mom, I’m sorry we are the worst kids ever…” the doll said as she and I scrolled through my Facebook page looking at the flowers and small gifts other mother’s had posted to their pages. “You’re not the worst…I don’t need any of that junk…” I said. Just then the boy threw in his two cents…”Well I’m supposed to do your bidding on Mother’s day…” “Then go and mow the front lawn…” I replied. “Uh well first of all, I was kidding and second, I have homework which will last ALL day” he said and then disappeared into his bedroom. “Mom what constitutes bad kids?” the doll asked me. Thinking for a moment I replied…”I’m not sure the criteria doll…I only know that while you and your brother drive me nuts…you are not bad kids…though I wouldn’t mind you learning how to load the dishwasher every day”. “There’s always something isn’t there…? she replied and we both smiled.

“Yep-Smart cookie” I replied.



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