Tuesday post gazzette night quite…



Crazy weekend behind and crazy weekend ahead. Why is May so darned busy?

After the  long winter our area experienced, by the time May finally arrived, so did the the need to get outside and get things done. We’re all so happy to no longer be inundated with below freezing wind chills, record snowfall and low temperatures that May became the perfect time to schedule everything that requires outside activities: sports, gardening, birding, landscaping etc. In addition, the end of May has always provided the backdrop to the unofficial start of summer-regardless of what the  summer solstice has to say about it. This month alone the weekends have often been busier than the work week-as we try to fit every fun event in. I’m not sure June is looking any less busy…but I’ll be happy when I have one weekend day off to just vegetate or sleep past 6:30 am.

They call me Mr. Wonderful….

On the ABC television network program Shark Tank, Business Venture Capitalist Kevin O’Leary is known as Mr. Wonderful-a moniker he gained for his aggressive style in makings deal with entrepreneur hopefuls. But he has nothing on my Dad (TL) who turns 93 years old on Memorial day. Recently I sat down with with TL and asked how did you get the name Mr. Wonderful? “Well, they call me Mr. Wonderful because I had WONDERFUL parents, WONDERFUL sisters, a WONDERFUL wife who spent 58 WONDERFUL years on earth with me; gave me nine WONDERFUL children and their spouses, 27 WONDERFUL grandchildren and 6 WONDERFUL great grandchildren. My life, though never easy and full of many ups and downs along with things I’d rather have not seen and done; has been made WONDERFUL by all of you”.

As his eighth child my only reply was, “Yes, you are Mr. Wonderful” to all of us too.

Please excuse the brevity….

20140520-140338-50618922.jpgLast night for the final exam portion of the boy’s beginning piano class, parents were treated to a recital given by students which comprised both the Beginning and Intermediate piano course.  The boy was the sixth student to perform. When his time arrived to play, he rose and walked over to the piano.  Prior to taking his seat, he offered an apology of sorts to the audience saying, “Please excuse the brevity of this piece” and then sat down and played the song he was instructed to play. Afterward I asked him, “Why did you make an excuse before playing the piece.”  “The song just before and right after me were much longer than mine. Originally written by Tchaikovsky  as practice piece; became a somewhat of a living room favorite-one people enjoyed hearing-so Tchaikovsky was forced to publish the song. I didn’t want anyone believing I quit the song early-hence my announcement”

“I thought perhaps that song was picked because it fit your minimalist style…” I offered. He smiled and replied, “You call me Mr. Minimal for a reason….” Yes we do.



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