The time is 12:03 am and in less than four hours I will turn fifty years old (I was born at 4:01 am and that’s how we celebrate). Wow!! I’m old… well… kind of. When I was a kid fifty felt so old. Yet looking in the mirror, thanks to veggie based hair coloring 😉 I don’t see an old lady, I simply see me.

I was 10 yrs old when my mom turned 50; my brother Dan was eight. Fifty didn’t mean a thing to me back then. Yet today, the apparent largeness of that big “round number” in addition to “stepping into another decade” does seem a bit daunting to me. So let’s put this all in perspective shall we?

Years ago I had a therapist tell me every 13 years or so, we all go through a “mid life” crisis of sorts… First it’s puberty, then facing adult responsibilities; raising a family, finding work, facing “middle age” etc
Which was a great stress reliever at the time–I could explain all my troubles and worries away…on that one simple thought. But was it true?

Who knows….

Looking back I believe I hit middle age ten years ago–if I adhere to the average life expectancy of all humans. Therefore all the stress I went through back then leaves me open to simply enjoy this life now, today, tomorrow and so on and so forth. The only true regret I have about turning 50 is leaving my brother Dan as the only one left in the 40’s. He has to wait two years to join this fun club!

Seriously though the 40’s for me were a great time of growing and understanding who I am and where I am going. Though not without work; I’ve never been happier. So crossing the threshold into my fifth decade on this planet can only usher more good. Well that’s how I’m seeing it. Who knows when I write the 60s blog what I’ll say then. But for now, this very second…the fifties look wonderful 🙂


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