Whooooo are you….?


There is a lyric from the famous Who song; Who Are You which  says, “Eleven hours in the tin pan, God there has to be another way…” which I bastardized Friday night, anytime someone asked me to explain our Thursday drive to Charleston, SC. “Seventeen hours in a tin can, God there has to be a better way….” because frankly, that aptly described how we felt as our journey seemed to go on forever. When was the last time a straight shot from top to bottom Ohio took seven hours to achieve? Between long traffic delays and a MAJOR hiccup by our local AAA bureau, we were all ready to pull out our hairs and YET we still had a long way to go.

By the end of the night…my sister Ann Marie and I were drunk, tho nary an ounce of alcohol had touched our lips–we were giddy and couldn’t stop laughing-not from fun, but rather it was easier to laugh than to cry at our predicament. Meanwhile the doll, alone in the backseat occupied herself with reading and listening to her IPod in an effort to distract herself from what was going on.  “Mom I thought for sure you two were going to get us killed” she told me later. She had every reason to worry…if the person who mapped out our driving instructions had been within striking distance, I might have committed murder. Yes…and I wouldn’t have been the least bit regretful for the act.

“You know perhaps this was our guardian angels’ way of keeping us safe…” I offered to my sister Friday morning. “Oh I know…I had that rationalization earlier…though I don’t really believe it” she replied and I had to agree. This was just pure dumb bad luck on our part…with a bit of AAA stupidity thrown in.

Hindsight however being 20/20…while I still want to slap someone at AAA I can look back on the situation and laugh…because frankly what’s the alternative? While I’d love to explain it all here in my blog, its better told in person…so ask me someday…and you can join with me in the laugh.  All in all, our trip to and from South Carolina was a good exercise in family (a GORGEOUS wedding), fun (Birthday celebration Friday night), and friends (twitter anyone?) with very little frustration (what’s life without a few hiccups?) thrown in for good measure.

PS. When you ask me for the story…bring beer…it’s going to take a while to tell….


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