the weekend doll…..


A few years back, the doll an I drove home from Tennessee together; alone. We were just two girls on the road listening to music, creating memories and sharing the ride. I really really miss those days when I had to do was say something silly and she would laugh instead of rolling her eyes at me. Unfortunately, those days are lonnnnng gonnnnne.

My doll can switch her personality in an instant going from nice sweet beautiful doll to get out of her way less you be shot dead with eye daggers….a moment later. The joys of being a tweenager are apparently lost on the rest of us. My brother Chris commented to me a few weeks back how dumb he felt in her presence….”I have four boys…so I’m not used to the shoulder shrugs or eye rolls. Marsha, she uses those quite effectively. I’m getting a very Witchy feel from her”. I smiled and said, “Makes you feel kind of sorry for the boy now doesn’t it?” But he’s correct in his assessment…she has become very moody-where everyone who is not her–is concerned.

While we were in South Carolina I had various family members, young and old telling me what to expect. Some were encouraging pieces of advice, like that from my sister Terri “Marsha, this is just a dumb phase all girls go through…she’ll come back to you sooner than you expect”. Others were downright scary… “Aunt Marsha I was the exact same way….by the time she turns 19 she’ll revert back” My niece Lisa explained. “NINETEEN!? NINETEEN??? I don’t want to wait THAT long…I want my nice sweet doll back now…” I lamented. How in the world did this world get so messed around? I wondered.

On Sunday my sister Terri smiled and said, “I think she’s over the hump..she seems to be having a better day…” We were surrounded by family members, relaxing and having a nice relaxed day; the doll and her cousins were swimming while I visited with friends. “You do notice she’s not as bored as usual since her cousins are around…” I replied. She was indeed over the hump…primarily because she wasn’t stuck hanging around with me.


leave me alone!

I vant to be left alone!

The drive home from South Carolina was not as nerve wracking as our journey to and I have to say, the doll was a real trooper not to complain too much going in either direction. She did however have her moments… like we all do.






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