In keeping with my daily mantra of the boy’s excuses for choosing not to do his chores, I thought this excuse was a particularly good nugget. Poorly planned on his part, but he seemed to like his rationalization to me.

Yesterday the boy informed me that leaving a task list on the kitchen counter made it all but invisible to him. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “If you expect me to do a chore you’re better off calling me when I get home and informing me then, rather than leave me an inconspicuous note.” Raising my eyebrows I said, trying not to sound exasperated “Let me get this straight…you’re telling me that you are blind to a large piece of paper alone on a clean counter?” “Yes because it doesn’t occur to me that the list would apply to me” (This has been the task list home for two years). He replied. “I see…so you’re telling me from now on, when you would like me to leave a treat for you, you won’t notice it because I’ve taped the chore list to the top of it?” I queried. “No, I’ll just think you were hiding it under a piece of paper to be cute.” He replied in all seriousness.

Taking this knowledge to heart, I decided to leave him a few notes around the house to get his attention…just so he can’t say he never saw the task list. Let’s see him deny these…



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