the sleeping bank…


Something has happened since school let out last week…

Something odd…

Something different….

Something that has the potential to be scary….


The teenage sleeping gene has finally made an appearance. You remember…back in our teenage years when sleeping was more than an eight hour dream. When going to bed at 11:00 pm ensured you the chance to sleep until 2:00 pm or later, the next day. That glorious time when our body, through sheer time spent sleeping, quantitatively grew (substantially) overnight.

The days…so many of us wish to have back.

Well wait…that’s not true. While I wish I could catch up on all my missing sleep…my body can no longer tolerate laying asleep in a bed for long periods of time-unless I’m sick or something. Yet both kids have entered the sleep like its an Olympic sport phase of teenage life and currently they are in the medal running. “Mom I slept until 2 pm today” the doll informed me yesterday. “You know, you’ll never get the chance to hang out with your friends if your spending all day in bed..” I replied. “I know…I originally woke up at 10:00 am, but wasn’t ready to get up. The last thing I expected to see was 2:00 shining on my clock”. “Well at the rate you’re sleeping, you may grow taller than me by the end of summer…” I said to a smiling girl-while I shrieked in terror to myself.

The boy, while not sleeping as late as his sister, has been sleeping longer than usual for him. “Bay, what’s going on?” I asked him. He sheepishly smiled back and said “I suppose I’ve entered the sleep segment of the teenage years you’ve been reminiscing about all these years…”

“Yep, I’d say so…” I replied shaking my head in agreement.





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