Last night the hub and I were out taking a walk around the neighborhood when we came across another parent who asked us, “Aren’t you missing someone?” He was referring to the doll who would be spending the night at his house. “Nope…” I replied and continued walking. He looked back at us oddly until I yelled, “We’re on our own night stroll at the moment”. “Oh…because the doll is sleeping over right?” I smiled and threw a thumbs up while my husband agreed with him and we continued on our walk. A moment later the doll called our cellphone and asked, “How am I supposed to get over to “twins” house?

My first inclination was to tell her to start walking. Twin lives a little over a block away, which is an easy three minute walk from our house, but instead I said “We’ll be home to get you in a minute”. When we arrived at the door, she exited the house and walked over to our car; giving us a perplexed look when we resumed our walk down the street. “Wait, you’re walking me there?” She asked. “Yes doll, we were out taking our night time stroll when you called…” her father said.  “Um, okay..” she replied and then joined us on our stroll.

Once the doll was safely delivered to her friends house I looked at my husband and asked, “Do you think we live in a safe neighborhood?” He thought for a moment and replied, “Relatively speaking, yes…” “Relatively?” I queried. “Well I mean, we don’t know everyone who lives here-though we know a fair number who do.” “Do you think the doll could have walked over to Twin’s without her parental escort…I mean the walk really isn’t that far.” Taking a few more steps he replied, “Well she asked…so the question is a mute point really”. We walked along in silence a while longer and then I said, “I grew up in this neighborhood and used to walk all over the place-or ride my bike. I never felt threatened, never worried about walking over to a friend’s house. I don’t get why the doll is so cautious…” “Because we’ve-society have made her that way…” my husband replied.

“Perhaps so…but it’s not right….”

Regardless whether its right or wrong, this is the society we live in…. and its a damn shame.


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