Not another picture!!!


Last week we took a quick vacation down to the Orlando, FL area and entertained ourselves at Sea World,  Aquatica water park and last but not least, Universal studios/Island of adventures. As we were exiting one of the parks, a little girl yelled to her mother in frustration, “Not another picture!?!” Which brought giggles to the doll and I almost immediately. Looking back at me she said, “Mom, did you hear that little girl? I feel her pain….” Acting appalled, I lifted my right hand to my heart and mockingly said, “Doll, how you hurt your mother…” before we both burst into laughter.

We both understood what that girl was saying and have been placed in similar circumstances… Vacations are inherently designed to create the best opportunities for picture taking–effectively sealing those memories in tight, digital forms to help you remember later. Then add trips to theme parks and all bets are off. When the kids were younger, standing next to one another for a photo op was nothing; nowadays its akin to bringing heads of states from warring countries together. God forbid they have touch in any way shape or form.  IMG_0133Note the doll’s face when I asked the kids to pose on the bridge heading into Hogwarts castle… I think the doll’s exact words to her brother were “Don’t Touch Me” which she says with quite regularity even when he’s standing ten feet away from her.


How about this shot.  I liked how the kids worked this one out….IMG_0049they stood on opposite ends-as far away from one another as possible, but still remained in the shot together… They even look pleasant too…

But my favorite picture from the parks is a selfie…taken right before a roller coaster ride-catching everyone off guard. “Momma seriously you need to stop with the photo taking….” The boy said to me. “Perhaps…when my cell phone dies…” I replied and he groaned. But then I’ll have my Ipod and the actual camera to use….” I said and smiled. “Come to think of it baby, I think the only way to get away from the camera is to move out or get used to it…” Coming up behind me and placing me into a bear hug he replied, “I potentially only have three more years at home with you and dad….I guess I’ll just have to get used to it until then…”




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