Wizards and witches…okay!


DSC01396“Mom, welcome to my world….this is where I live in my mind….” The doll, wearing a big smile explained as we walked in front of Hogwart’s School of Wizardry, last week in Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure theme park. To say the doll was excited is an understatement. How excited was she?  As we stood at the threshold to the park, she hurriedly slapped my arm, with both hands, trying to tamp down her happiness.  When we reached the courtyard of Hogwarts, the doll transformed into the nicest, most excited girl on the planet. Why she was complimentary to everyone…save her brother.

The courtyard was packed with other excited Wizards and Witches-which by the way, the doll corrected me on. “So you want to be a wizard like Harry and Hermione right?” I asked “No, mom, only boys can be wizards…girls are witches” she explained. I was actually quite surprised by all the people (young and old) standing in line to get their pictures taken, using the school mock up as their backdrop. Who knew Harry Potter was such a phenomenon?

Our first stop, thanks to Grammy; was to get a taste of butter beer-which tastes like butter scotch soda. The foam on top is rich and sweet-almost too rich for some (me) but we all enjoyed our drinks, nonetheless. A little later on the doll and I waited in an ginormous line (45 minute wait) to ride Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey. IMG_0157What helped make the wait time bearable, besides cleverly situated fans hung throughout; the line snaked through replicated sets from the movie…with even some visits from Harry, Hermione and Ron; to help pass the time. In fact one of our favorite moments was when Ron’s spell accidentally made it snow and real snow fell down upon us. My favorite moment however, came from the ride itself when a very large (fake) spider became more acquainted with the doll. I don’t think I have ever laughed harder, listening to her scream. When we emerged from the ride, the look upon the doll’s face was priceless. She was indeed home and in her element.

Now if we could only find a way to make our home more her element…without getting rid of the boy…or her dad or me…or Grammy too…



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