drops of jupiter….


Kids get weird ideas at times and for lack of better understanding, or filter; say things which make you wonder what planet they are really from. The old mean rhyme “Boys are from Mars-to get more candy bars; Girls are from Jupiter to get more stupider…” has me wondering if both come from Jupiter-judging by what comes out of their mouths.

We decided once we arrived at the amusement parks, Grammy would have a better chance of seeing the entire park if she set aside her pride and rode around  in a wheel chair all day. Though she didn’t like the idea at first, she realized 94 degree heat along with 60% humidity fueled days, wasn’t conducive for her to walk around an 840 acre park.  So the boy, volunteered to push his Grandmother along, every where we went-which made us all nervous. Whenever he accompanies me to the grocery store, he likes to be in command of the cart. The problem is, he lacks “spacial” control. In other words, he runs into people-namely me. Of course the trend continued. “Sorry!” “Sorry!”  “Oh, Sorry…” Was the boy’s mantra that day, as he tried to navigate his Grandmother through the crowds.

125Conversely, the boy who currently weighs 220 lbs and stands 6’1″ tall, also found pushing his grandmother along rather tedious at times-as he expended more energy than he would have liked. His large frame required more liquid nourishment than originally thought and he began to have a melt down-literally. “Mom can we please go home?” “Go home? Are you kidding me?” I asked. “It’s too hot..I need to cool off…” He explained. His sister looked upon her brother and said, “It’s fine with me if he leaves…” “Bay, come over here let me get your picture…” I said hoping the water splashing off the Universal sign at the entry to their main park, would help cool him off. “Mom, this won’t help!! I’m ready to go, please?” We all looked at him and said “No”.

Then the boy came to a rather startling conclusion and declared “I want to go on vacation…” We all stopped and looked at him. After a moment his father said, “You’re on vacation now…” “No I’m not…” the boy began, “This is work” “What?” his father asked incredulously. “This is a labor of love….” “Not to me!!” the boy replied, disgusted we were moving farther into the park-away from the exit.

Thankfully a short time later, we found a water kiosk and took a break. The boy was given a flavored drink with electrolytes, along with an additional bottle of water.  After a while, my fun loving bay returned. “Sorry about complaining so much while I was in my fugue state, Momma” He later explained. “You’re what state?” I replied. “Fugue…it’s an altered state of consciousness where people move around and speak but may not be fully aware they are doing so” He defined.

“So that’s your excuse?” I asked. “And I’m sticking to it…” He replied with a smile and a pat to my shoulder.


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