a second non date….?


Since the start of summer, the days of my children being awake before noon have been very few and far between. Tuesday the boy surprised me by being awake before I left for work. “Why are you up?” I asked. “Because this is what time I woke up”. He replied matter of factly. “Oh…” I said and continued on. “Don’t worry Momma, this is just an anomaly…I plan to go back to sleeping in for the remainder of the summer. “Okay…” I said with a chuckle and continued on my way.


Early Wednesday morning while at work, my cell phone rang, from an unfamiliar number. Usually when this happens, I let the call go to voice mail, but decided to answer the phone instead.  “Hello” I said. “Um , boy?” the female voice on the other end said.  My heart leaped as I responded, “Uh, no, this is his Mom. Is this A?”  “Oh, um yes, is the boy there?” She asked. “I’m sorry, this is my cell phone and I’m at work…” I replied. “Oh…” she returned. “Can I have him call you?” I offered. “Well I was wondering if he would be interested, uh, I mean if its okay with you that is…” She stumbled and I held my breath while she spoke. “…if the boy would like to accompany me to a Fourth of July party…” OH MY GOD!!! My mind supplied. “…with my family” she finished. “Well, is the party on the fourth?” I asked feeling quite dumb. “Actually no it’s on the second…” She replied and then added, “The party is at the Village Park Country Club”.  “OH. MY…!!” My mind supplied again.

In the background, I could hear  her mother coaching her on the details when I realized, I was accepting a date for my son, instead allowing him the opportunity to do so himself; so I stopped the call. “Listen sweetheart, I’ll have the boy call you, so he can accept your invitation…and we’ll work out the details then, alright?” “Okay…thank you” she replied and we disconnected the call.


In case you have a hard time understanding the above sentence,  immediately upon hanging up from her, I called my husband at work, to tell him of the boy’s invitation. His reply was more practical and reasonable…”You need to find out what the dress code is at the country club and the boy needs a hair cut too!”  “Yeah yeah, that will work itself out…” I said. “I don’t understand why you’re so excited. The boy hasn’t even said yes yet” The hubby remarked. “He will say yes-he misses talking with her…I mean they ate lunch and talked every day-AND besides, this has nothing to do with her being a girl…” (though the fact that she is makes this all the more interesting) “this has more to do with the fact he has a friend-who will get  him out of our house for a few hours!!” I explained.


I waited a few hours before calling the boy-I wanted to tell him personally-not leave a message on the answering machine. Yet when I arrived home for the day several hours later, when I asked if he had called her back, the doll replied, “No he hasn’t. You really need to call her too.” “Mom, the doll has been heckling me all day to call A…” The boy complained. “Um, who told the doll about the invitation…?” I replied and his reply was simply a smirk and grunt to himself. “Regardless what your answer, you need to call her back and let her know…” I said handing him his cell phone. Nodding his head in agreement he dialed her number and accepted her request. After allowing me the opportunity to talk with A’s mom and work out the details, I handed him back the phone to say goodbye to her…

Which took over an hour to do.

Yep he missed her.




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