independent thinking…


“Mom” the doll began, “Okay, so I know we celebrate the 4th of July because of the Declaration of Independence, but is there any other reason?” She finished and I stopped to think. “Well… We’re celebrating a 3-day weekend…” I said with a smile. She gave me an annoying look which prompted me to say,  “Okay, fine yes, we-meaning you, me and other women,  have reason to celebrate a little more”. “Why is that?” She asked. “Because we were blessed or lucky-depending on your perspective, to have been born in the USA; as opposed to other parts of the world.” I said. “What parts?” She asked again and this time I’m the one who gave her the annoyed look. “Didn’t you take history in school?” I asked, trying to skirt the issue. “Yes, but I’ve forgotten. Please explain.”

Oh brother! “Okay well, I’m not expert…but, one of the things Thomas Jefferson put forth in the Declaration of Independence was that ‘All men were created equal’, right?” “Yes…” she drew out. “Well women have been fighting to have the same equal rights as men, ever since Jefferson drafted that document. And by the grace of God and some very hard work by women over the last two hundred plus years, women in the USA have achieved many of the same rights… you know to vote and such.” I explained. “Mom, women vote all over the world, I saw it on TV”. The doll added. “Yes they do baby, but in some countries, women are also looked upon as property-to be bought and sold.” “Why?” She asked. “I don’t understand it myself doll. Perhaps because men are afraid of women’s intellect so they try to keep them down.” I suggested. “Well that’s just dumb!” She said and I agreed.


A few hours later. the doll and two friends were swimming at my Dad’s, laughing and enjoying themselves. As the girls practiced jumping into the pool-to see who could make the biggest splash and such, I looked over at their happy faces and smiled. “Thank God this is where we live; faults and all” I said to myself and then quickly said another prayer of hope, for all those girls out there in need of some.



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