the rock star effect…..


During my lifetime, my children’s frame of reference for me will change over time. Sometimes I will be “Mom” or “Mother”-each with their own use of inflection. Another time they may talk about me by using my first name, Marsha; much like my sisters and I do when we’re talking about my mom, Joyce; when we discuss certain aspects about her. I don’t consciously try to be different from one set of circumstances to the next, however that’s how the game of parent and child is played. While walking with my sister yesterday, we laughed when I remarked, “The kids are going to remember me as the bitch for one thing or another…and that’s fine. So long as they also remember I loved them too”. “My kids are the same way…it’s the nature of the beast” she replied thankfully.

Then there are the times when I become a rock star in their eyes for one reason or another…which for the doll (and me) happened Friday night. 🙂

My friends and I were seated at a local comedy club waiting for the main comedian to take the stage. “Have you ever heard of this guy?” I asked. “He was in some movies….Percy Jackson and Big Mama’s Family 3” one of them responded. I took that to mean his movie experience was as a small bit actor and not much more. As he took the stage, my BFF, seated in front of me said, “Hey, I know who that is…” I smiled back. “He’s from Percy Jackson…um what’s his name?” “Yes he does look familiar” I said, but didn’t remember the character’s name. She however began texting with her kids… “Grover, his name is Grover” “Ah, the half horse half man dude?” I replied. “Goat, but yes that’s him!” she explained excitedly. “Cool” I thought and nothing more.

As he began his routine, I watched how excited my BFF became from her children’s text reactions to who this man was. I found myself more interested in watching her reactions to the texts, than to his comedic routine. As her kids became more excited I realized, the doll, with whom her friends refer to as “Piper”-a character from the Percy Jackson series; would also go nuts if she knew… So as his routine wore on I watched my BFF  snap a few pictures of him with her iPhone. I decided to do the same, but was stopped by management, “No photography allowed”. Setting down my phone, “I’ll text you the pictures” my BFF turned and said excitedly. After the show, the comedian was gracious enough to pose for a quick picture with all of us before his next performance.

Not ready to call it a night, we landed at an outdoor jazz concert and I began texting with the doll….which, as you know is one of my favorite things to share.

Panels are positioned  1 3 2 4

Panels are positioned
1 3
2 4

20140714-105312-39192037.jpgWhen I arrived home shortly after midnight, I found both kids still up: the doll telling the world via her iPod that her mother met “Grover” and the boy playing a video game. “Mom, I had to ensure nothing was broken…” the boy said in explanation as to why he was still awake.  “I did freak out a bit-running all over the place in excitement” said the doll. Enjoying there reactions I said “Okay, let’s go…time for bed” and both kids complied, without complaint. Once both kids were securely in bed, I sat back for a few moments and soaked up the glory from the rock star status I had achieved; knowing full well, in the by morning I would go back to just being a regular old mom again.

PSS. Thanks BFFs for the excitement and photographs.


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