passing notes…


I stopped home briefly yesterday during the day to drop something off. Mary Alice was in the car waiting so I didn’t have long to stay. The doll was seated on the couch playing with her iPod, the boy was nowhere to be found. “Mom, I just woke up like ten minutes ago…” the doll said. “Where’s your brother?” I asked. “As far as I know he’s still asleep…” she explained. “Time to get things done…” I said noting the time was almost 2 pm. YAWN “Mom, I just woke up…” the doll replied.


What in the world did we do at bedtime to “help” us fall asleep at night when we were young? I remember listening to music until I fell asleep at night, or reading a horribly boring book, to help usher sleep in. My kids have different ideas….

“Mom, listening to the radio isn’t good…. I need to listen to Pandora (online music genome)” the doll explained. What’s the difference? Pandora needs an iPod or smart device to work. The radio…well that’s old news. “Momma, I need my  (Nintendo) DS to make my eyes tired enough for sleep” The boy tried. “Really…so you need to ruin your eyes staring at a screen in order to make them tired enough for sleep?” I asked. He laughed and said, “Exactly!”. “Seems to me, if you’re not tired enough to sleep by midnight, then you haven’t done enough during the day to warrant sleep. I guess we’ll have to work on that tomorrow.” I explained.  His sheepish grin dispersed quickly.

As you might imagine, he was not amused.


I fell asleep twice last night, in front of the television. Once before I sent the kids to bed at 11:00 pm and again shortly before the end of the news. This is good news for me because I haven’t been sleeping well at night-so any power naps I can get to add to my nightly sleep, I’ll take. In any case, when I awoke again shortly after midnight;  I made my nightly rounds to ensure the house was locked and all the lights were off. Then I turned my attention toward the kids bedroom doors-both of which were closed.

Opening the boy’s door, I stepped inside and said, “Goodnight bay…” At the same time, I held out my hand so the boy could hand me the Nintendo DS game system he was playing. Giving me a sheepish grin he reluctantly pulled off his headphones and lifted the gaming device out from under his covers, before placing the device in my hand. “Next time bay, if you’re trying to fool your Momma into thinking that your sleeping, it would be wise to take your glasses off first…” I said before giving him another round of goodnight’s and I love you’s” and then exited his room.

Walking across the hall I opened the doll’s bedroom door and stepped inside. Reaching my hand underneath her pillow, I asked “Doll, where’s your iPod?”  She made some slight noises and I wasn’t quite sure whether she was feigning sleep or not. But then she sat up and handed me her device mumbling, “Somehow I was laying on top of it” and then rolled away from me. “Goodnight dolly, I love you” I said as I exited her room and made my way to bed, carrying both kids’ devices with me.


While getting ready for bed the doll’s iPod sprang to life on it’s own. Taking a closer look, I noticed one of her friends wanted to skype with her. Picking up the device I sent back a pre-written response message which read, “Can’t talk right now, what’s up?” Realizing the response only stopped the skype but not the instant messaging system, I quickly added “Hey! This is the doll’s mom. It’s past her bedtime …I think it may be your’s too. How about we all go to sleep.”  Her friend responded “Ok” but added a “?” to her text.  “Goodnight”. I replied. “Goodnight?” her friend replied. Wanting there to be no doubt as to who she was really talking to, I replied, “Yes. NO ?s. It’s 12:24 am and if you’re lucky, I won’t text your parents about you being up so late. OKAY?” She seemed to have gotten the message because she quickly replied, “Okay” and ended the text.

And then it occurred to me….the reason the kids were sleeping in sooooo late–besides being a teenager. They were staying up most of the night online–skyping and sending texts to friends, playing games, listening to music. Doing everything except going to sleep….

well…. until tonight that is.


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