6000 steps….


Oh if only this were true….

Dr. Melik: This morning for breakfast he requested something called “wheat germ, organic honey and tiger’s milk.”

Dr. Aragon: [chuckling] Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.

Dr. Melik: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or… hot fudge?

Dr. Aragon: Those were thought to be unhealthy… precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.

Dr. Melik: Incredible.


When I was a kid, by some odd stroke of luck, my town had the first pay-per-view Cablesystem. What’s more incredible, my very strict, devout Catholic parents were subscribers.  Channel 100, as it was called back then, offered two new movies per week; but in between, replayed the previous week’s movies over and over. As such, some movies have stayed in my sub conscious with very little effort from me. Woody Allens 1973 hit film Sleeper, about a man who goes into the hospital for a minor operation in 1973 and wakes up 200 years in the future-after the hospital cryogenically froze him in hope of resuscitating him later; is one of those films. Even though many of the jokes were above my head back then, they have staying power today. The above sequence I often think could be running through my son’s head at any given time. 

The other day, one of the stipulations on the Electronic Device Retrieval Guide (EDRG) was for the boy to take my old Ipod, activate the pedometer app and go for a 6000 step walk. He was mortified. “Mom there is no way one can walk that far in a day” He argued. “Bay, actually 6000 is quite achievable. Studies recommend you take at least 10,000 steps a day. So we’ll start slow and build until you’re able to accomplish that.” I said and then showed him how the app worked.

A few hours later he called me at work and said, “Hi Momma! I wanted to tell you I’m out taking a walk…” “Hey that’s great!” I said in return before adding, “Are you recording your steps? Where are you now?” “Yes I have the Ipod activated” He said in a chipper voice and then added, “I’m about a block away from Little Caeser’s Pizza. The doll and I pooled our money and I’m walking there to pick up the pizza now”. “Because there was no food to be found in our overcrowded refrigerator?” I dead panned. “Well it’s a hot day and I figured the pizza would stay warm on my walk home…” He answered. “Besides Momma, somedays pizza is just better…”

After our call was disconnected, I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head at his ingenuity. However, the walk to the pizzaria and back only covered about 2000 steps…. My husband having become abreast of the situation ushered him out the door and encouraged him to walk an additional 4200 steps-much to his surprise.  All told he walked 3.6 miles…no worse for wear. What’s more, yesterday he recorded 6,024 steps or 2.9 miles. Who knows what he’ll accomplish today?

And to show the doll, momma isn’t messing around, 6000 steps has now become a standard non negotiable item on the EDRG-for both kids.




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