Dog days of summer


Ordinarily I would be complaining about the heat this time of year, but due to a polar vortex which has found a new home over Northwest Ohio, all I can say is, hello extended Spring. I know many people who are upset we haven’t had typical summer weather for some time. Last year there was too much rain; this year too many cool tempered days. I dare say however, if you work outside, these temperatures have been a dream. But I digress.

My kids don’t seem to care…so long as they can sleep in late and be lazy bums, all is right in their world. The rest of us hark back to 90 degree days when kids wore nothing but swim and bathing suits from sun up to sun down; fueling the need to swim in local pools, lakes or rivers. Some adults however use heat as their excuse to seek out cool shelter in shopping malls. Maybe what’s best of all, is the enjoyment derived from an ice cold beverage on a blisteringly hot day.

Yet even with these cooler temperatures, we’ve experienced some very beautiful sunny days without a cloud in the sky. The cool temps have not stopped us from gathering with friends or memorizing the nuances of the sights and sounds around us. We’re still creating reminders of summer, whether from smells of evening bonfires or music playing from radios; forever cataloging them as “summer songs” (The Stampeders Sweet City Woman) in our minds.

Looking back on these waning days of July, yes, we have experienced more cooler temperature days than hot and August’s forecast doesn’t offer much improvement. School starts back up in 19 days and while many parents (me included) are looking forward to routine coming back into our lives, I can’t help but feel a little bad the kids had an extended Spring, rather than full hot summer. However as I tend to tell the kids repeatedly, summer is what you make it. Go out live and have fun-weather be damned!



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