A million years ago…or maybe closer to 40 years or so ago-more realistically speaking; my older brother Bill traveled to Alaska with a buddy on vacation. While there he took hundreds of mostly scenic pictures with his 126 camera. Upon his return my mom refused to spend the money on developing fees…not because the scenery wasn’t beautiful, but rather because no person could be found standing in front of the scenery.

As such for years I couldn’t waste a single frame of film on a scenic shot, unless there was an object-person contained within. Oh sure they might be off to the side-out of the main shot–but they were still there-eventually needing to be cropped out! Thank goodness for the advent of digital cameras. Nowadays I can take hundreds of scenic shots without worry or care.

Believe me when I tell you I still enjoy snapping pictures of my kids, but they don’t like it when I do. Instead they block the shot, purposely sneer or find any other way to ruin the shot. Why wouldn’t I want a beautiful scenic shot instead? That being said, I’ll never stop trying to take their picture….much like they’ll never stop trying to be the center of attention at the worst possible times.



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