A case of boredom…



traffic guards?

Traffic guards?

During our “do nothing” family vacation, my Mother in Law, Pat  felt bad none of us were very motivated to do anthing other than walk on the beach, eat, sleep, eat again body surf in the ocean and then eat and eventually sleep again. With the hope of injecting some “life” into our lazy bones, she  booked an early morning, 2-hour scenic cruise to see wild life along the intercoastal waterway. The name of the the boat, “The Manatee” suggested, via their advertisements; that we could very well see some Manatees among many other marine wildlife.

When we first arrived, while the boat was still docked; off the port bow we watched a family of dolphins move up the waterway-away from where we were. We were a bit excited at perhaps seeing dolphins-up close in the wild. Once the boat started moving, fairly quickly we came upon a family of manatees. “If you look to your right you can see a few manatees. Florida state law prohibits us from getting within 30′ of manatees because boat propellars are the number one cause of manatee deaths and we would be assessed a heft fine if caught.” A voice announced over the PA system. Looking at my husband I snarked “In other words, good luck seeing any…hope you’re not too nearsighted”. “Shh” He replied and went back to looking out the windows.  Meanwhile the boy grabbed my old IPod, rushed to the front of the boat and proceeded to take pictures of the manatees.

Rumored to be John McEnroe's boat and house

Rumored to be John McEnroe’s boat and house

I was seated next to the doll, who was busy playing an app on her IPod. “Doll, I allowed you to bring that to act as a camera. You’re Grandmother paid good money for this tour, the least you could do is show some respect by turning the darn thing off or taking a few pictures”. Giving me her best “I hate you” look, she turned off the Ipod and set it down. The next 2 hours were spent not seeing any additional marine mammals; yet the tour guide on occassion (very few and far between-tho I’m not sure if I’m thankful about this or not) would treat us with interesting tidbits concerning the expensive houses which lined the water way. For example, “See that big white house? I’ve been in that one and the upstairs master bathroom is large enough that thirty people could walk in and twirl, without touching one another”. 

How impressive!! *Snap* *Snap* *Snap*

Wake me up before you go go (off this boat)

Wake me up before you go go (off this boat)

Instead of a manatee I saw a manchild in a t-shirt..

Instead of a manatee I saw a manchild in a tee…(shirt)

Half way through the boat ride my mother in law looked at the kids and almost cried, “I’m so sorry!! I didn’t know this would be so boring….” The boy leaned over and said, “It’s okay Grammy..at least we saw one manatee” and then quickly pulled out the Ipod to retrieve the pictures to share. I smiled and added, “If nothing else, we’ll look back on this someday and laugh…” and decided to make the most of the trip, taking pictures willy nilly of anything that struck my fancy:

As for the manatee shots the boy took with my old IPod?


um there is a manatee on the other side of that finger...

um there is a manatee on the other side of that finger…




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