the drama queens…


IMG_0734Friday night I was summoned to my Dad’s house to help celebrate girl power with the doll and her cousins Mary and Elle. After a year’s absense  the girls were spending the night with my sister Ann; sleeping in the screened in porch attached to the garage. Their plan was to stay up late, go swimming at midnight and watch videos all night long. The perfect end to summer right? Last year Ann and the doll planned an similar sleepover, however, due to the flu and different starts to the girls school year, they could not find a compatible date.  As such, the giant poster my doll made to mark the event sat buried in her bedroom closet. In all honesty, I was happy to see the poster get hung this year-she used almost a full cartridge of ink making the darn thing.

When I arrived, I found my niece Elle roller blading inside the porch, while the other two girls were busy playing on the doll’s IPod. Earlier in the day, the doll  helped her aunt set up, so they had plenty of room for their blown up mattresses, a station to make silly crafts and a junk food table. “Mom, look what Aunt Ann bought us…” the doll said as she modeled her new back pack and canvas shoes. “Ann Marie…” I began to protest and was waved off. “What it really wasn’t that expensive…”

“Oh Mom, look we’re making a video…” the doll informed, showing me what they had so far. Ann and I laughed when we were given the assignment to video them for a 1.5 sec segment, as they danced along and later when they jumped into the pool. “You aren’t going to swimming are you?”  “Of course we are…at midnight” Mary replied emphatically. “You are all going to freeze” I announced, standing there in sweat pants and a sweat shirt”. “Oh I know, they have thicker skin” Ann replied. Sure enough when midnight arrived all three jumped into the pool. Elle jumped out and declared she was done. The other two danced a bit, jumped in and out a few more times until their purple lips and goosebumps could no longer convince them to keep swimming.  All told they were in the pool for less than ten minutes total.

Once the girls exited the pool, bedtime was called. Now to you and I bedtime might mean time to go to sleep. But not to these drama queens. bedtime only insisted on the girls putting on night clothes, drying their hair and preparing to watch movies all night long. Bur for me, that was my cue to walk home. Kissing the doll goodnight and saying goodbye to her cousins, Aunt Ann and I walked to the end of the driveway “You’re nuts…you know that right?” I said to her. “I’m not worried. Those girls will watch videos while I’m asleep.” She explained. Shaking my head, I gave her a hug and wished her well, before turning and walking home.


The doll arrived home around 11 am Saturday morning; her first of many trips back and forth between my dad’s. “The sleepover is over?” I asked. “Yep” she replied. “How late did you stay up?” I asked. “Believe it or not mom, we all fell asleep after you left. We couldn’t get the video player to work and so we all just went to sleep”. “Hmm” I said. “Wait. Mom. You didn’t purposely break the player did you?” She asked me. Looking offended I replied, “Me? Why would I do that? ” Sizing me up and down she replied, “I just wondered…” before left to gather more stuff. When I arrived to help Aunt Ann told me the girls were asleep before she returned from walking with me. “I suppose jumping into that freezing cold pool last night took something out of them…” She explained. “Well whatever, they look like they had a great time…thanks again.” I said as she nodded in agreement and then acceptance.


By the way, the girls finished video is really very cute as the doll explained, “Mary did most of the editing…” -Someday, if the doll allows (don’t hold your breath) I’ll feature it here. Crazy what kids with technology can accomplish.




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