a new squeaky toy….


Allergy season is in full force here in my neck of the woods, which essentially means spending thousands of dollars (well maybe more like hundreds, but still…) to curb our itchy, runny noses as well as purchase large quantities of tissues to take care of those itchy, runny sinus cavities.  Everyone in my household is affected in one way or another but lately my reactions have been terrible.  At night I take Singulair to open up breathing passages and then in the morning Allegra to combat sneezing, runny nose and an itchy throat. As such, I’ve been left with a particular side effect, which the doll enjoyed pointing out to me last night.

“Mom, can you hear yourself?” She asked. Not really paying much attention I replied, “Huh?” “Listen….to yourself breath out of your nose.” She said. Giving her a skeptic type look I decided to take her up on her request and listened…to myself breath in and out using only my nose. Looking back at her I said… “Are you implying I sound like a squeaky toy?” She smiled back at me bashfully at first and then said, “Yes”.  Amused I lifted my left hand and simulated squeezing a toy while at the same time blowing air out my nostrils, three successissive times and we both began to laugh. “Wow mom, a new talent…” the doll chided. “It’s the little things doll…” I replied as we parted company for the night.




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