I feel old…


“Marsha, we have to learn how to do this…so that we can keep up with our children…” My sister Carol explained. We were trying to figure out which one of her daughter’s telephone number was the correct number. “That’s one of the reason’s I got rid of our landline….it’s forcing me to learn more about my IPhone…” She finished. “Oh I know. I can hook up any television without issue. Yet I can’t figure out how to reset a password; one for every different device I own, that I’ll remember.” I replied. “We were out walking the other day and a person said to my husband  “Someday kids will look at your (flip) phone and wonder if this was a walkie-talkie” Carol said and we both began to laugh-up until two months ago, that was the kind of phone I used.

Yet this is no laughing matter….except as another reason for my children–to laugh at me.

The other night while on twitter, I asked my friend Honey, how to get my Iphone’s Wi-Fi signal to work again. She gave me step by step instructions–using easy to read/understand language-which worked.  But why couldn’t I figure that out on my own? I’m beginning to wonder if I’m suffereing from early onset dementia or 50-itis or something more akin to technology dumbaphobia? Will my brain ever catch up? I’m beginning to think not.

This morning I spent a good hour trying to reset a password on Itunes, so I could buy a $1.29 song. Once the password was reset, they asked me security questions I evidently set up a million years ago. As such, I’ll be damned if I can remember what they are. Worse yet, unlike the password, they offer me no clues to help me recover the security words or a way to create new ones. I’m sure my kids will be able to point out which key works-one that won’t require me to hold my mouth open for a period of time…but I wish I didn’t have to ask for their help…. I mean they already think I’m old and out of date to begin with…no reason to give them more fuel for the flames.




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