the doll….version 12.6-714/15


Did you know Monday was Percy Jackson’s Birthday and all of Percy Jackson Fandom (or maybe one or two tween girls) celebrated by making Blue cookies in his honor?

“Mom, can I make some blue cookies?” the doll asked Sunday. “Why?” “Tomorrow is Percy Jackson’s birthday and blue is his favorite color” She explained. “No…” “C’mon mom, look at what this girl did…” handing me her IPod to reveal a nice picture featuring a bunch of blue cookies”. “Yes, and we know she actually made these how?” I asked. “What do you mean?” the doll asked giving me a “duh mom” look. “How do we know she didn’t just steal a picture of blue cookies from Photobucket or something similar and then take credit for making them?” I wondered. “Like she would do that!” the doll replied. A little later she conceded, “You know that’s not a bad idea…but I would never do that.”


Monday night the doll began telling me all about the new students in her class, the new teachers, etc, among many other things. All of a sudden in the middle of her conversation, she stopped, looked at me and said, “Why am I telling you all of this? I must really be bored!” Then made an abrupt exit, leaving me hanging…like from a cliff. “Fine, see if I do anything nice for you in the future…” I shouted after her, before shaking my head thinking to myself “What then heck?”


The doll entered the kitchen Tuesday night with a down trodden look upon her face. Before I knew what was happening, she leaned into my right shoulder and began crying. Wrapping my arms around her I asked, “Why are you crying?” To which she replied, “I don’t know….” and then sobbed harder. So I held her, rubbed my hand up and down her back in a soothing pattern and just held on, for however long she allowed. After a few minutes she looked up and I wiped away her tears. Releasing her from my hug, she slid to the side where we stood next to one another; leaning against the kitchen counter. “Are you having trouble with your homework?” I asked. “A little.” She acknowledged. “Do you want my help?” I asked. Shaking her head “No” I nodded and said, “Okay” and then wiped a few more tears from her face. Looking back at me she said, “Thanks for the shoulder Mom”. “Anytime doll, anytime.” I replied.


“Mom I’m craving chocolate really bad!” The doll announced. “Well make some chocolate chip cookies…” I suggested. “Can I make them blue?” The image alone made me shudder. Thinking back on her tears earlier I said, “I…uh, I don’t know if we have any blue food coloring” I said, knowing full well we did. “If I find some….can I make some blue chocolate chip cookies?” Not really finding any reason to say no, I gave her the green light-er blue light to go ahead.

IDK ...they look more like cow patty's than blue choc. chip cookies...but they tasted the same.

IDK …they look more like cow patty’s than blue choc. chip cookies….



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