Trust Issues….


Over the weekend, every time I opened my Facebook page, I was inundated with videos of friends, neighbors and the  occasional famous person, dumping buckets of ice water onto their heads. What began as a simple way to bring attention to ALS has turned into a world-wide phenomenon that has garnered more than $79.2 million dollars to aid in the research to find a cure for this horrific disease. I participated in the event last Monday after being challenged by my good friend Lynda and my sister Ann Marie and had the opportunity to nominate three people to do the challenge  and or make a donation.

While I was standing there preparing to dump the water upon my head, I looked over at my doll and said, “You’re next”. “Don’t you dare mom, you’ll embarrass me!” She replied. Ah yes, I would, but isn’t that a mother’s prerogative? Ultimately, I chose three people with whom I knew would do the most with the challenge. Two of the three participated on camera, while I have no doubt the third made a very nice donation instead. Yet as the videos began to scroll across my timelines, throughout the week, I began hearing rumblings from others, tired of seeing them.

We all seem to have such short attention spans nowadays. For me the ALS videos were a welcome respite from the usual political videos and commentary littered across my FB page. In a time when the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, what I found most remarkable about the IceBucketChallenge, besides the amazing amount of money raised, was the look of sheer joy on the faces of those who participated. They all looked as if  they had overcome something difficult or achieved greatness upon doing so. At the end of my video, my daughter with whom I spared, can be heard laughing. When I watch the video, I’m captured, not by my act of silliness, but rather on how beautiful a laugh she has.

Saturday the doll accepted the challenge from her friend Twin and participated in the challenge not once, but twice. The first time we employed the boy to help. Speaks volumes on the lack of trust between teenaged siblings, when I tell you, she couldn’t put aside the fear he would dump the water on her before she was ready or mentally prepared. He acted goofy which caused her to stop talking to the camera; scared to have him stand behind her, holding the bucket. “Doll I won’t go until I have the green light from mom” He kept saying, yet she didn’t believe him. After finally giving him the green light to drench his sister, the doll grabbed a towel and announced, “I’m doing that over…without the boy!” Who am I to argue? I got two videos for the price of one. Videos, by the way, showing joy upon their faces and providing hope for those afflicted.

I say, keep them coming!!

If I knew how to scrub names from videos I’d post both here…instead you’ll have to be satisfied with a few stills…

Ahhhh!! The boy yelled as he dumped.

Ahhhh!! The boy yelled as he dumped.



I Hate you boy!!

I Hate you boy!!


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