Oh boy!


Last week the boy’s High school hosted a “Meet the Teachers” night, which my hubby and I attended. Failing to bring a pen with us, I took notes via my IPhone. “What are you doing?” My hub whispered to me. “Taking notes” I replied.”Good idea” He said and I smirked. Then as luck would have it, another parent shushed us. Ah yes school is back in session.

Notes: Meet the teachers:

PowerSchool opens Monday 8/24
Picture day is tomorrow-bay must take a shower in the morning.

Integrated Math 2: OGT still in play. Math Lab avail 3-5 Wednesday for help in Math. Higher expectations for honors students. *need to get tutor lined up.
Active use of Moodle for the classroom.

Phys ed:
Exam: 20% of grade…phys fitness standards.

Am history: Marty McGurk

Text book must come home and returned daily. He must read the assigned text. He must write. He has 4 book reports due this year.
Must read 4 pages a day. Tests 100 HW section reviews-1 wk to do the work. If turned in early they get 5 extra points.

Anatomy: Chris Doyle

They must wear goggles and over sized shirts when dissecting cats. They may have the opportunity to see a cadaver.. Eww or cool…hope the boy doesn’t toss his cookies…or faint.

Lots of hands on learning. Did I go to HS with her? She looks familiar…check yrbk later.
Essay due Monday.

Religion: Emily Mislan
Marble composition notebooks needed for class by Monday. Will keep journals in notebook.
A response to a prompt. Notebooks will be collected on random days.
HW must be in tray b4 bell rings to start class or basic fail.
*first year teacher…please don’t argue bay!!

Bring supplies everyday…workbook…
HW 30% quizzes 20% chapter test 20% project 10%
Homework must be on the desk before prayers. Oral participation is key! Quiz on spelling, vocab soon. Lots of advance notice on tests and quizzes. Next week. Must help boy get over embarrassment of trying to speak French out loud w/o students.

Am Literature: Mrs. Mihalik
Must bring all supplies to class. The binder is very very important. Organization is key!! No late HW allowed. Organization is key? Not allowed to carry papers in a stack? Must be neatly placed in binder? Dear Lord, Dear LORD!!  the boy is screwed!!

Very tough class schedule!!!

When we arrived home I looked at the boy and with heavy concern in my voice I said, “Oh my God bay!! I’m so worried for you. This year is going to be HARD! You need to turn in your homework the moment your feet touches the threshold of the classroom. They will not be asking for it…this is all up to you!!” Looking back at me he nodded his head and said, “I’m already aware of all implications”. “Are you?” I asked again. “Yes Mom, where do you think I’ve been the last three days? All of the teachers have explained this to us thoroughly” he replied. “But bay…I mean it…they are not going to take any shit from you!” I kept trying to emphasize. “Mom!! I got it!” He raised his voice and frustrated his reply back to me.

Looking back to is father we both sighed and said “We hope so….” We really really do.



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