Wake up call…


Hello from Los Angeles!’ I wasn’t sure I would have a blog for you today. However let me tell you…the boy called me at 4:30 am LA time this morning; waking me up from a deep slumber. “Hello” I said in a gravely voice. “Hi momma!” The boy said through the receiver. “Bay it’s 4:30 in the morning here” I replied. “Oh I’m sorry, I just wanted to tell you I love and miss you” her replied. “I love you too have a great day at school” I said before hanging up.

My roommate Cathie asked “Did he just call to tell you he loves you?” “Yep” I said, a little worried the call woke her up too. “That is so sweet! They grow up so fast, then leave…. What a good boy”. Lying there I smiled; he is a sweet boy.

Later when I talked with my hubby I told him about the phone call “Oh Jeeze!” He said embarrassed. “I know, but he effectively let me know he was up and ready for school on his own…in the best and sweetest possible way.” I said. “I suppose…” He reasoned “Guess I’ll need to beat him later…” He replied.



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